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Hydro unit monitoring webinar series – Part 2: Monitoring the generator (recorded webinar)
The hydro unit monitoring webinar series is intended to help end-users and service providers to better understand the monitoring techniques and to improve the reliability of implementing an effective condition monitoring approach for hydro machines in your power station.

In Part 2 we look at typical failure modes for the hydro unit generator and its specific components; stator, rotor and exciter. A range of time-proven, best-practice monitoring techniques will then be presented for detecting and diagnosing faults, such as:

Air gap between stator and rotor poles
Magnetic flux of the rotor poles
Partial discharge analysis of stator winding insulation
Stator end winding vibration
Other - Stator frame and core vibration, stator core and cooling system temperature, exciter slip ring/brush gear current and voltage, etc.
Mike Hastings has 30 years in machine monitoring strategy and technique optimization, solution development and marketing analysis and promotion for a number machine condition monitoring applications, including hydro.

As part of the hydro unit monitoring webinar series and a follow-up to Part 1, Mike will present several webinars describing the basic potential failure modes of hydro units, and present the best-practice monitoring techniques for detecting and diagnosing these faults. In webinar Part 2, the focus will be on the generator.

A description of the sensor technology is also given, as well as a basic review of applicable international standards for the monitoring techniques.
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